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A Summary for Local Attractions around Bridgnorth, Shropshire, UK

If you visit Bridgnorth, Shropshire in the UK, you must not miss the tourists’ attractions and activities the town has to offer. Though the town is least populated it projects prosperity and peace around the city despite the calamities it had encountered in the past. Here are some of the places which are a ‘MUST’ to visit and enjoy.

1. Stokesay Castle is situated in the countryside in the south part of Shropshire known as one of the many English Heritage of the country. As tourists visit the castle, they can somehow feel a glimpse of the past because the castle is well preserved and is presented to the public to its finest. The castle still stood to what it was in the past though little alteration was made. The building still stands strong for many years framed and made with timber woods with elegant carvings.

2. The Ironbridge Gorge Museums is a World Heritage Site full of fine collections of decorative styles, fine china, and fun interactive or take an experience in a manmade created Victorian town. The Industrial revolution started in the Ironbridge Gorge and it paved way for many iron-making industries to grow as well as other businesses like that of ceramic tile making, clay pipes and porcelain. In Ironbridge Gorge, ten well-known museums presently stand to offer magnificent experience from the past experiences of the town. All museums offer guided tours starting from the Industrial Era to the Victorian Era which was 100 years later.

3. The Severn Valley Railway offers a delightful 16 miles travel starting from Bridgnorth to Bewdley then to Kidderminster looking at the great view of Severn Valley beauty. This steam-hauled train is the only way visitors can take a good look at the breathtaking view of the River Severn. It is advised that visitors or tourists look into the railway schedules on their website. Typically, the trains operate mostly on the weekends and may offer services on a daily basis during months of May up to September. The train caters for visitors from all ages may it be a group or families travelling together.

4. To get a hold of experience in fascinating rock ruins, Wroxeter Roman City (Viroconium), is the best place that offers that experience. As it is known as the fourth largest among the cities of Roman Britain, it was mostly populated by retired soldiers and hardworking traders. Some Impressive features include municipal baths, museums and great strong walls. Also, Wroxeter was known for many as the city of Camelot where the legend of King Arthur came from.

5. The largest aviation collection can be found in the Royal Air Force (RAF) Museum Cosford Museum. This place contains 70 historical aircraft displayed for people to see. The building also house hotspots of information, missiles, 18 aircraft, memorabilia, military transport and interactive kiosks.


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